In the midst of all the devastating events surrounding racial injustice and police brutality, the outpouring of support and solidarity towards the black community has been an incredible sight to see, and has created a widespread support for black businesses to showcase the diversity and talent that comes from within the community. 

In our hopes to shed light and support our local black owned businesses, we thought it was only right to showcase the thriving businesses making waves in the world of fashion.

Baby Cres

Baby Cres is a family owned baby and toddler accessory store that provides rental or purchase options for all necessities. From strollers to car seats, to essential travel gear, they have it all. Baby Cres takes great pride in ensuring the safety and security of every child. 


Brimz Official

Founded through an authentic love of music, Brimz Official has been inspired by the city of Toronto to create a line that expresses art and culture, and contributed to the support of local art. You can find a variation of different apparel and hats, including our very own Toronto Raptors championship hats that we are all so proud to wear. 



Located in the heart of Downtown Toronto, Adrift is a skate shop that carries a variety of urban lifestyle brands from all over the world, as well as their own merchandise. At Adrift, you’ll find a great selection of shoes from numerous brands, and other streetwear to give you the ultimate skater vibe.

Legin Knits

Legin knits is a brand based on individuality, and the freedom of expression. Designer Nigel “Legin” John creates every piece uniquely for each individual. Every item is hand-knit and tailored specifically to each customer. Items such as sneakers are custom made with the Legin touch to showcase their creativity and individuality. Individuality is Royalty, as Legin Knits states.


Mask is a Toronto-based streetwear brand, whose mission is to allow each and every person to explore themselves and discover their true identity. Mask merchandise is designed and handcrafted locally, to really capture the city’s culture. From graphic tees to hoodies to accessories such as Girl Power pins, MASK truly allows each person to explore their personas and discover themselves on a whole other level.



KYSO, also known as Knock Your Socks Off, is a high fashion, high quality socks brand that makes every outfit stand out. KYSO believes that everyone should own a piece that makes a lasting impression. Each pair is designed with bold colors and unique patterns, which brings the KYSO brand to life. 



Inspired by street style, Get Fresh Company is a high end streetwear shop that has made big waves in the city of Toronto. GFC carries various high fashion brands that vary in price,  and have significant pieces that emulate pride for the city, such as the YYZ hat. You can choose to splurge on some unique shoes, or simply go for more affordable apparel. They carry it all. You can find so many amazing pieces at GFC.



Founded in 2006, Exclucity has an amazing history behind the success of this sneaker heaven shop. From starting in a basement to selling out the streets, Exclucity has continued to evolve and make a name for themselves in the city. This street inspired store carries a variety of brands such as NIKE and JORDAN at affordable prices, as well as their own branded clothing called EXCLU. 


All of these incredible businesses have made a huge impact in creating and uplifting the culture of the city, and all of them have stemmed from the black community. It’s important for us to recognize this talent and support these black owned businesses in any way we can. It’s time for all of us to shine a light on the diverse talent that surrounds us. So check them out, share what you love, and let’s spread the love and support of these businesses.


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