Fadshops is promoting a fashion eco-system aiming to regroup all the positive experiences spent in the fashion retail stores to promote the bricks and mortars versus the e-shopping experience.

We browse for you and give objective and expert reviews of the best stores in Toronto and soon in the world. We also give as much details as possible for the customers to choose the right place to shop. Collaborate to thrive is the Leitmotif. We have noticed a big turnover for the fashion shops. 

Indeed, running a store in Toronto is challenging, the long winter makes the retailing, pretty seasonal! 

Our aim is to provide tools to help the customers to find with few clicks what they are looking for in STORES. Therefore, the shopping experience will be improved and beneficial for the shops owners and the consumers.

Im Chrystelle, the person behind this ambitious project that include a web media and a app view platform. 

Strong from my experience of 10 years in the fashion industry in Paris. I ran a famous French streetwear brand, took care of the marketing for a sportswear and an activewear label.

I also created a plus size brand, a kid line and a merchandised collection for teenagers. Before that I helped more than 60 women to change their life by improving their looks through total makeovers.

This diverse experience gave me the strong will to give back to the fashion industry.